The Ethiopian Network has Moved to Canada with a Re-focus on Supporting Appliance Technicians and Maintaining a Healthy Career and a Healthier Faith in the Presbyterian Church

Why have we moved to Canada? Because we’ve noticed a lack of support for Ethiopians in the Presbyterian Church here, especially those who have immigrated here and are looking to settle a healthy career. Our re-branded network is now here to share what it takes to become an appliance repair technician in Canada, so that our Presbyterian brothers and sisters have a means of creating a good career for themselves. We also help by answering questions of faith, because we believe immigration is a good thing, especially when faithful men and women from Ethiopia are here to help strengthen the economy of the country by creating a career as an appliance technician.

Why appliance repair?

We wish to support those wishing to become an appliance repair technician because, frankly, our main site author is most experienced in that field, and after much discussion with staff we’ve decided to utilize that experience by focusing on helping our brothers and sisters learn the ropes of this industry because we can. Of course, we support any career our brothers and sisters decide to make here in Canada, but for support we are best to offer that which has to do with the aforementioned industry. For more info on why we’ve made this decision, visit our “About our Organization” page.

May your faith grow every day!