The Power of Appliance Repair Services when it comes to Fulfillment at Work

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The power of providing appliance repair services for people in Ontario, Canada is so fulfilling, but here’s why! People who play sports or write books for a living might not be able to understand how appliance repairs can make someone feel so good, but in Kitchener I have a story for you that will explain why and how a career in appliance repair can make someone happy. This is something people who move from Ethiopia should consider when finding a career in Canada.

You might know that feeling when someone says “thank you!” I bet for an author it’s a similar feeling when they get fan mail and someone says, “I love the work you do.” Well, I bet it’s the same for every industry and field of activity. But, in appliance repair specifically, and perhaps other trades where technician must work with electronics with his hands, there’s an extra whit of fulfillment because you know people really need the services you provide, not just want them. For the case of a technician I know who does appliance repair Kitchener Waterloo services in Ontario, if he takes a vacation for more than 3 days he get’s depressed because he’s addicted to doing what he does best–fixing ovens and fridges for folks in his local community. I feel for him, because if I didn’t go to Church for more than 3 days then I’d feel the same way that he does. There’s something about doing what you love to do and being good at it while people thank you for it that feels like life is accomplished and you have everything you need.

We’re blessed because not every person works a job that they love. And it’s not like every appliance repair technician in Kitchener, ON, loves what they do. It’s the same with every job. Even celebrities end their own lives early, wishing they had led a simple life. But almost every tech I know in this industry of fixing home appliances for local people loves what they do, and they find it so fulfilling. I wonder if there’s a deeper science to this industry specifically, because the people I know in these jobs are so happy. Maybe it has more to do with the fact that we have faith in the Church and God. It’s just what we do. Either way, I want to end and let you go with a list of reasons why I think appliance techs in Kitchener, ON, are so happy.

Why are Appliance Repair Technicians in Kitchener Waterloo, Ontario, Canada so Happy? Here are 5 reason!

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  1. People in Kitchener don’t often live in Kitchener for long, and so when techs come to repair their appliances they get to meet new grateful people for the first time.
  2. Ordering appliance parts in the Kitchener Waterloo area is a lot easier and more efficient than in other parts of Canada or Ethiopia where wait times are long for parts to come in, because Kitchener is closer to the United States of America than other places.
  3. The people in this part of Ontario are often very kind, but that goes for almost everywhere in Canada.
  4. No matter where you fix appliances for a living, if you repair someone’s fridge for an affordable cost, they’ll be grateful and most likely thank you for it, and for most of the techs I know that’s where the fulfillment comes from, and fulfillment leads to happiness.
  5. This point is a little more specific to the techs I know personally, but eating well and getting exercise is a great benefit that leads to our happiness at work. I often preach to knew Ethiopian techs entering the business to avoid eating fast food while driving from job to job even though it’s tempting because bringing your own lunch to work, especially in Ontario where drives from job to job can be quite long, because just after a few years you’ll prevent a lot of damage to the inside of the body.

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