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Tips for Finding Work in Canada

The traditional method of finding work is dying but many who search for jobs seem to be unaware of this. The conventional way of finding work has been to drop off a physical resume at work sites but this method is not working as well as it used to in days of auld. Here you will find a list of tips for finding work in Canada in today’s digital age.

  1. Make advertisement listings on sites like Craigslist and Kijiji, so that people can find you while you’re out there searching, doubling your chances of landing a lead.
  2. Message Facebook pages of local businesses that you would like to work for.
  3. Search for websites on Google using search terms like “we’re hiring” and “careers” to find pages on websites that have forms for submitting digital resumes.
  4. Throw away the phone book and use Google Maps to find companies near you that you would like to work for and call them one by one to find out if they are hiring or not.
  5. If in the meantime you can’t get hired, easily start your own business to offer any service you can by making a free Weebly site and a free Facebook page. Promote yourself online in local social media groups offering your services. This is optimal if you’re offering simple services like gardening, cleaning, snow removal, etc.

Every year the methods of finding work change as they adapt to rising technologies. Therefore we mist adapt as well to optimize our chances of success. In many cases the traditional ways of finding jobs may still work, but less and less so every year. Pay attention to the ways in which the Internet are changing the fabric of society and you will have an upper-hand.

Best of luck in your job search.

On Giving Support

What does giving support mean to you? That’s a bad question, because the answer, for every individual, also depends on the context. Support one on one is a lot different than group to group support, or group to one support. When explaining what support really means, it’s important to take all these different contexts in mind. Learning a lesson from contemplating about support in general should be possible here if we try to answer what giving support should really be in any community or one on one scenario.

When giving support to a community as an single individual it must mean that you have a great service, like a plumber or an appliance repairman, or you have many resources like a prince or a governor. Such support from an individual to a whole community might include funding charities, employing people, helping locals get out of debt, supporting community events, etc. But from a group to a single person, support can look much different, although, as we’ll explain in our conclusion, there’s the same similar essence in both kinds of support: an individual supporting a group vs. a group supporting an individual.

When a whole group is supporting an individual, it might manifest in the following forms: rehab, landscaping, appliance repair, fence building, etc. Also, the whole government supports every individual in our population, even if you consider government to population support to be group to group support. Every individual who is a citizen has the chance to receive support from their government, but often this manifests in the form of a single government official which might equal one on one support between government official and a single citizen. For instance, we’re grateful to have this support from Canada where we hail from. But what we have spoken is speaking universally or, in better terms, generally for support in complex human civilization, and doesn’t just pertain to Canada.

Moving on, these are the ways in which support can manifest in society, especially societies where government support is more frequent. Often, in places like the United States of America, support comes from private enterprise, with such institutions as health insurance companies, roofing companies, appliance repair companies, etc. On the other hand, every time we buy something at the grocery store we pay a tax and that tax is supporting the efforts of the government. And to become more metaphorical, shouldn’t a rocky outcrop supporting a dying, ancient tree be called support? If we consider the word a structural term to describe helping the integrity and strength of something in order to hold it in place without faltering, then we can say that nature supports humankind every day with the abundance of food and oxygen we need to survive. Before this turns into a sermon, I just want you to go away with thinking what the best support in the universe is… What above all else gives support to as many things as possible in the universe? We pray to it everyday.

From Ethiopia? Welcome to Canada!

support network

If you’re new to Canada from Ethiopia, we here at the Ethiopian Network of Appliance Repair Technicians wish you welcome! We’re happy you made it. There are amazing things you can do here. A lot of which you can do in Ethiopia but here in Canada everything is done a little differently. For instance, we have a different health care system, different laws, and our culture is a lot different.

Recently we talked about our role in the Presbyterian Church and would love for you to take more time to read up on that. If you’re looking for support in faith as well as finding a career here in Canada, we’re the support network you need.

We hope you found our welcome inviting. We’re so glad to have you here!