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Mission Society Registration Information
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During the April 2010 Annual PCUSA Ethiopia Mission Network Conference held in Washington, PA., all were encouraged to join the newly forming International Mission Society and to stand alongside our mission partner, the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus (EECMY) in this special way.

The 17th EECMY General Assembly was held in January 2005. During this time, the assembly passed a policy decision to establish the EECMY International Mission Society which will be assisted by individual members and congregations. The assembly believed that this vision is from above and would be a blessing to the church and the country at large. A Cross-cultural Missionary sending International Mission Society was established on January 2007. The church has been preparing to send the first Missionary group to neighboring countries, central Africa and to the different parts of the world as well.

EECMY has had an immense contribution to the kingdom of God for over the past one hundred years. This church is about to send missionaries to the neighboring countries and beyond. To carry out this missiological task, EECMY has planned to work in collaboration with our pioneer mother mission societies, mission organizations with those who have a heart for mission work, and with each individual member and congregation.

The EECMY International Mission Society, as it has been organized at the national level is working hard in recruiting members from Ethiopia and overseas and includes them as participants in the expansion of the Kingdom, thereby fulfilling the great commission. Every believing community, all children, family members, ministries and institutions are highly encouraged to be part of the EECMY-IMS.
International Mission Society Registration Information

To Register for the International Mission Society, complete the Registration Form (see below) and send your check to:
Presbyterian World Mission
Box 643678
Pittsburgh, PA  15264-3700
Mark it for ECO #  E862133  -- Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus General Support - International Mission Society. Send a copy of the Registration Form along with your check. Download form here.

Please send your completed Registration Form by November 15, 2010 to:   
Doug Sensabaugh, Shenandoah Presbytery, 1111 N. Main St., Harrisonburg, VA 22802

All Registration Forms will be hand carried to Ethiopia in November with the team from Shenandoah Presbytery.