Connecting Ethiopia Mission Partners in Christ
2012 Conference Report
Conference Schedule
2012 Ethiopia Mission Network Conference
April 26-28, 2012
First Presbyterian Church
Spokane, WA
Guest Speakers:  Dr. Miriam Adeney, Associate Professor of World Christian Studies,
School of Theology - Seattle Pacific University
Rev. Teferi Berkessa, Executive Director, Bethel Synods Coordination Office
Dr. Frank Dimmock, Africa Health Liaison, PCUSA
Rev. Jim Milley, Associate Pastor, Local & Global Outreach, La Canada Presbyterian Church
Mike Stemm, President, New Covenant Foundation
Rev. Debra Braaksma, Africa Area Coordinator, PCUSA
BSCO Report - Kes Teferi
EECMY-BSCO PowerPoint Presentation (Adobe pdf)
As a mission network of the World Missions Division of  the Presbyterian Church, USA, the Ethiopia Mission Network seeks to:
  • Share Information, experience and wisdom
  • Make contact with all who share a common vision of partnership within the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus
  • Discuss common strategies
  • Communicate face-to-face about challenges
  • Invite new participants into the network
  • Encourage and spiritually support all partners engaged in the work of mission
Conference Highlights
The 2012 Conference included presentations and discussion on the following:
  • What We Do In Mission - How We Do Mission
  • Community Health Evangelism - CHE
  • The State of Health Concerns in Africa
  • Responding to the Needs of Vulnerable Children in Africa
  • Pastoralists and Resettlement Updates
  • Impacting Ethiopia Through Student Ministry
  • Reflections on Short Term Mission Concerns
  • Bethel Synods Update
  • EECMY Update
Working &
Other Sessions

May include some or all of these
Working Sessions are small group discussions around specific topics may include:
  • CHE - Community Health Evangelism
  • Orphan Care and Concerns
  • Conversations with Rev. Teferi Berkessa
  • Insights from East Africa Regional Liaison
  • Bethel Synods Updates
  • Converations with Conference Guest Speakers
  • Saving the Forest Through Alternative Cooking Methods
  • Orientation for New Visitors to Ethiopia