Connecting Ethiopia Mission Partners in Christ
2010 Ethiopia Mission Network Conference
April 22-24, 2010
Faith United Presbyterian Church
Washington, PA
Guest Speakers:  Rev. Wakseyoum Idosa, President, EECMY
Debbie Braaksma, Africa Coordinator, PCUSA World Missions
Conference Schedule
Conference Flyer
As a mission network of the World Missions Division of  the Presbyterian Church, USA, the Ethiopia Mission Network seeks to:
  • Share Information, experience and wisdom
  • Make contact with all who share a common vision of partnership within the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus
  • Discuss common strategies
  • Communicate face-to-face about challenges
  • Invite new participants into the network
  • Encourage and spiritually support all partners engaged in the work of mission
Resources from the Conference
Report - 2010 Ethiopia Mission Network Conference - Giny Roundy, convener

Rev. Wakseyoum Idosa Presentations
    Mekane Yesus International Mission Society
    EECMY - Vision and Direction

Rev. Jen Haddox Presentations
    Face of  Global Christianity
    Setting Short Term Mission Standards

Glenn Schwartz Presentation
    Lessons on Dependency

Conference Highlights
The 2010 Conference will include presentations and discussion on the following:
  • Effective Mission Partnership in the 21st Century - Debbie Braaksma
  • When Charity Destroys Dignity - Glenn Schwartz
  • Short Term Mission Impacts - Jen Haddox
  • Panel Discussion: "The Whole Gospel for the Whole Person"
  • Directions and Vision of the EECMY - Qes Wakseyoum Idossa
  • How does contextualization look in real life? - Dr. Urgessa Biru
  • Bethel Synods Update - Michael Weller
  • My Ethiopian Roots - Gemechis Desta Buba
  • Missions History in Ethiopia - Jo Ann Griffith & Malcolm Vandevort
Working Sessions
May include some or all of these
Working Sessions are small group discussions around specific topics.  They may include some of these topics:
  • Outreach to Muslims
  • Long Term Commitments in Mission
  • A Conversation with EECMY President
  • Preparation and Debriefing for Mission Trips
  • Health Issues in Ethiopia
  • Issues and Insights from PCUSA Regional Liaison for Horn of Africa