Connecting Ethiopia Mission Partners in Christ
2008 Ethiopia Mission Network Conference
April 24-26, 2008
Western Presbyterian Church
Washington, DC
Guest Speakers: Ato Petros Tsanu, president - Southwest Bethel Synod
Harold Kurtz, Senior Associate, Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship
Conference Schedule
As a mission network of the World Missions Division of  the Presbyterian Church, USA, the Ethiopia Mission Network seeks to:
  • Share Information, experience and wisdom
  • Make contact with all who share a common vision of partnership within the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus
  • Discuss common strategies
  • Communicate face-to-face about challenges
  • Invite new participants into the network
  • Encourage and spiritually support all partners engaged in the work of mission
Reports and Documents
Presented at the Conference

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2008 Conference Report - Giny Roundy, convener

Brief Video of Photos from Conference - Bill Synk - Quick Time required

2008 Bethel Synods Coordination Office Report - Ato Petros Tsanu

Plenary On Short Term Mission - Caroline Kurtz
(The following three presentations are in Adobe .pdf format. Acrobat Reader required)

Cultural Insights for Healthy STMs
Americans often down play the notion that cultural differences matter. Christians, especially, may think that being one in Christ trumps culture. It does, of course--we are the body of Christ. But our oneness is a great mystery, because it is oneness of great diversity, just as our physical bodies have diverse limbs, organs and perceptions. In mission we can avoid unintentional disrespect, misunderstanding and possible harm by being aware of how culture affects the way we see the world.

Healthy Development Principles
Everyone who participates in a short term mission trip wants to respond to poverty in ways that relieve suffering. Here are principles developed by Christians who want to bring "transformational development" of physical, spiritual, and relational brokenness.

Insights from Mission Leaders
Giants of the faith and people with years of experience sharing Christian faith cross-culturally can guide us in our present movement to involve many non-professionals in short term experiences in cross-cultural mission. Be inspired by quotes--be guided by best practices.