Connecting Ethiopia Mission Partners in Christ
Purpose Workshops
2006 Ethiopia Mission Network Conference
May 18-20, 2006
Trinity United Presbyterian Church
Santa, Ana, California
Conference Summary Report  
Evaluation and Comments Guide  
As a mission network of the Worldwide Ministries Division of  the Presbyterian Church, USA, the Ethiopia Mission Network seeks to:
  • Share Information, experience and wisdom
  • Make contact with all who share a common vision of partnership within the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus
  • Discuss common strategies
  • Communicate face-to-face about challenges
  • Invite new participants into the network
  • Encourage and spiritually support all partners engaged in the work of mission
You are Invited
  • People Group networks
  • Church and congregational networks
  • Presbytery and synod partnerships
  • Ecumenical partnerships
  • Inquirers about starting a partnership
  • Current and former mission workers
  • Other groups or individuals interested in Ethiopia mission
Small Groups

People Group Networks
  • Arssi Oromo, Suri, Shekicho, others
  • Missiology: What “mission” is
  • Water Projects
  • Microenterprise
  • HIV/AIDS and Health Projects
  • Muslim/Christian Relations
Possible Small Group Discussion Topics
  • Starting and developing partnerships
  • Political situation in Ethiopia
  • Hosting Ethiopian guests & arranging travel to Ethiopia
  • Sources of funding & how to transfer funds to Ethiopia
  • Women and children's issues
  • Action / advocacy
  • Frontiers of evangelism / Still unreached people groups
  • Bible Translation and  Literacy