Tips for Finding Work in Canada

The traditional method of finding work is dying but many who search for jobs seem to be unaware of this. The conventional way of finding work has been to drop off a physical resume at work sites but this method is not working as well as it used to in days of auld. Here you will find a list of tips for finding work in Canada in today’s digital age.

  1. Make advertisement listings on sites like Craigslist and Kijiji, so that people can find you while you’re out there searching, doubling your chances of landing a lead.
  2. Message Facebook pages of local businesses that you would like to work for.
  3. Search for websites on Google using search terms like “we’re hiring” and “careers” to find pages on websites that have forms for submitting digital resumes.
  4. Throw away the phone book and use Google Maps to find companies near you that you would like to work for and call them one by one to find out if they are hiring or not.
  5. If in the meantime you can’t get hired, easily start your own business to offer any service you can by making a free Weebly site and a free Facebook page. Promote yourself online in local social media groups offering your services. This is optimal if you’re offering simple services like gardening, cleaning, snow removal, etc.

Every year the methods of finding work change as they adapt to rising technologies. Therefore we mist adapt as well to optimize our chances of success. In many cases the traditional ways of finding jobs may still work, but less and less so every year. Pay attention to the ways in which the Internet are changing the fabric of society and you will have an upper-hand.

Best of luck in your job search.

Doing What’s Right

Why do people avoid doing the wrong thing? That answer is simple. Because it’s best to do what’s right. But here’s where it gets more complicated, when you ask why should we do the right thing? I think there’s a lot more to it than just anticipating the consequences. Something deep with in us urges us to do the right thing, and if you don’t have that thing inside that tells you to do good then you might be labeled by a psychiatrist as a psychopath. But why is that? Let’s break it down. Before we start though let me say I’m bringing this topic into discussion today because I think it’s important to have a motivation telling us to do the right thing in order to have a long and healthy career.

In Canada, it won’t be easy to have a long and healthy career if we are determined to do the wrong thing. Doing what’s right means being honest with customers and providing the best service we can. We do the right thing because, yes, the consequences will be bad if we don’t, but, indeed, doing the right thing makes us feel good inside. That’s how the universe wired us to behave. The truth is it actually takes more courage and strength to do the right thing than it does to do the wrong thing, and that might be why it feels so good after. After all, we feel good after hard work and doing the right thing is often hard.

Doing the right thing might look like staying sober for court or it might like look marching at the head of an army for the freedom of a suppressed people. However it manifests, it’s always obvious and renders itself as the right choice to the bottom of our hearts. We know when we’re doing the wrong thing even if we’re not conscious of it. It might be just to get a good sleep or to avoid future catastrophe, but these are the reasons why we do the right thing.

We’ll be continuing this discussion at a later date. For now, we want to remind you that if you’re doing the right thing and making sacrifices to do so that you should be aware of that and feel proud of yourself. It’s very hard to do, and it takes a strong person to do it consistently.

Thanks for doing what’s right. Bye for now.

Winnipeg Manitoba Landscaping Company is Hiring

province of manitoba

If you’re looking for work in Canada, that’s what our network is all about. We help people from Ethiopia find a career in Canada. We mainly focus on appliance repair careers, but today we have some good news to share coming out of the Province of Manitoba. They’re not advertising it openly, but a landscaping company in Winnipeg is looking to hire people who want to become landscapers. Landscaping is a great career if you like your holiday season because the winter can be slow, but not for these guys. There’s more time off in the winter, but always work to do so you can keep your hours.

Becoming a landscaper means working outside and enjoying the beautiful nature that Canada has to offer. And Manitoba is known for its very unique nature scenes that are different from the rest of Canada. For more information call (204) 900-8725 or visit the following link: landscaping winnipeg mb.

You don’t need any experience to become a landscaper for the company because they’re looking to train people who would like to make a long career with them. Feel free to reach out and get started with your application. As friends with someone inside I can say there won’t be much competition for you because they haven’t advertised that they’re hiring yet. If it doesn’t work out but you’re still interested in becoming a landscaper in Winnipeg, then try applying to other landscaping Winnipeg companies. There are many to choose from, and that means many career opportunities in Canada.

Best of luck.

Forum Update

Here’s our update on the progress of our forum. As appliance repairmen we’re not that great with internet stuff, but we’re learning. We hope to have our Network Forum completed by the end of 2020, but that’s not for sure. We have a young student who is helping us, and we want to make sure the forum is perfect before it’s live. So than you for your patience and understanding.

This forum will be a place for Ethiopians who just moved to Canada to meet each other and share experiences, ask questions and get the friendships and support they deserve. We working steadily on it. Expect more updates as they come.

See you back soon.

The Power of Appliance Repair Services when it comes to Fulfillment at Work

appliance repair service tools

The power of providing appliance repair services for people in Ontario, Canada is so fulfilling, but here’s why! People who play sports or write books for a living might not be able to understand how appliance repairs can make someone feel so good, but in Kitchener I have a story for you that will explain why and how a career in appliance repair can make someone happy. This is something people who move from Ethiopia should consider when finding a career in Canada.

You might know that feeling when someone says “thank you!” I bet for an author it’s a similar feeling when they get fan mail and someone says, “I love the work you do.” Well, I bet it’s the same for every industry and field of activity. But, in appliance repair specifically, and perhaps other trades where technician must work with electronics with his hands, there’s an extra whit of fulfillment because you know people really need the services you provide, not just want them. For the case of a technician I know who does appliance repair Kitchener Waterloo services in Ontario, if he takes a vacation for more than 3 days he get’s depressed because he’s addicted to doing what he does best–fixing ovens and fridges for folks in his local community. I feel for him, because if I didn’t go to Church for more than 3 days then I’d feel the same way that he does. There’s something about doing what you love to do and being good at it while people thank you for it that feels like life is accomplished and you have everything you need.

We’re blessed because not every person works a job that they love. And it’s not like every appliance repair technician in Kitchener, ON, loves what they do. It’s the same with every job. Even celebrities end their own lives early, wishing they had led a simple life. But almost every tech I know in this industry of fixing home appliances for local people loves what they do, and they find it so fulfilling. I wonder if there’s a deeper science to this industry specifically, because the people I know in these jobs are so happy. Maybe it has more to do with the fact that we have faith in the Church and God. It’s just what we do. Either way, I want to end and let you go with a list of reasons why I think appliance techs in Kitchener, ON, are so happy.

Why are Appliance Repair Technicians in Kitchener Waterloo, Ontario, Canada so Happy? Here are 5 reason!

true appliance repair Kitchener story
  1. People in Kitchener don’t often live in Kitchener for long, and so when techs come to repair their appliances they get to meet new grateful people for the first time.
  2. Ordering appliance parts in the Kitchener Waterloo area is a lot easier and more efficient than in other parts of Canada or Ethiopia where wait times are long for parts to come in, because Kitchener is closer to the United States of America than other places.
  3. The people in this part of Ontario are often very kind, but that goes for almost everywhere in Canada.
  4. No matter where you fix appliances for a living, if you repair someone’s fridge for an affordable cost, they’ll be grateful and most likely thank you for it, and for most of the techs I know that’s where the fulfillment comes from, and fulfillment leads to happiness.
  5. This point is a little more specific to the techs I know personally, but eating well and getting exercise is a great benefit that leads to our happiness at work. I often preach to knew Ethiopian techs entering the business to avoid eating fast food while driving from job to job even though it’s tempting because bringing your own lunch to work, especially in Ontario where drives from job to job can be quite long, because just after a few years you’ll prevent a lot of damage to the inside of the body.

I know this article may not be the most interesting for everyone but for those of you who visited to read I just want to say thanks for visiting and we hope we get to see you back again soon! Have a good day.

On Giving Support

What does giving support mean to you? That’s a bad question, because the answer, for every individual, also depends on the context. Support one on one is a lot different than group to group support, or group to one support. When explaining what support really means, it’s important to take all these different contexts in mind. Learning a lesson from contemplating about support in general should be possible here if we try to answer what giving support should really be in any community or one on one scenario.

When giving support to a community as an single individual it must mean that you have a great service, like a plumber or an appliance repairman, or you have many resources like a prince or a governor. Such support from an individual to a whole community might include funding charities, employing people, helping locals get out of debt, supporting community events, etc. But from a group to a single person, support can look much different, although, as we’ll explain in our conclusion, there’s the same similar essence in both kinds of support: an individual supporting a group vs. a group supporting an individual.

When a whole group is supporting an individual, it might manifest in the following forms: rehab, landscaping, appliance repair, fence building, etc. Also, the whole government supports every individual in our population, even if you consider government to population support to be group to group support. Every individual who is a citizen has the chance to receive support from their government, but often this manifests in the form of a single government official which might equal one on one support between government official and a single citizen. For instance, we’re grateful to have this support from Canada where we hail from. But what we have spoken is speaking universally or, in better terms, generally for support in complex human civilization, and doesn’t just pertain to Canada.

Moving on, these are the ways in which support can manifest in society, especially societies where government support is more frequent. Often, in places like the United States of America, support comes from private enterprise, with such institutions as health insurance companies, roofing companies, appliance repair companies, etc. On the other hand, every time we buy something at the grocery store we pay a tax and that tax is supporting the efforts of the government. And to become more metaphorical, shouldn’t a rocky outcrop supporting a dying, ancient tree be called support? If we consider the word a structural term to describe helping the integrity and strength of something in order to hold it in place without faltering, then we can say that nature supports humankind every day with the abundance of food and oxygen we need to survive. Before this turns into a sermon, I just want you to go away with thinking what the best support in the universe is… What above all else gives support to as many things as possible in the universe? We pray to it everyday.

Ethiopia Network Asks Do You Enjoy Working with Your Hands?

how to get better with hands

We have all hands together around the world working on the coronavirus, okay maybe our hands aren’t touching because of social distancing, but our hands are still together in this! Many of us are good with our hands without knowing it, and we’re not just talking about the metaphorical sense of when you invest time into something. We’re talking about physically working with our hands, which many of us are doing on a daily basis even if we don’t consider ourselves good at it. Every time you lift something or type something into your phone you are working with your hands. Maybe you don’t have hands and that’s unfortunate but you can still get your hands involved in a metaphorical sense.

If you want to get better at working with your hands there are many things you can do. Here’s a list just to get started before we talk about our favorite thing–appliance repair.

8 Things to Get Better at Working with Your Hands

  1. Learning a musical instrument.
  2. Playing video games.
  3. Playing sports.
  4. Using a yo-yo.
  5. Playing difficult puzzles and board games.
  6. Habitual exercises.
  7. Writing with your opposite hand.
  8. Origami.

Bonus: The Best thing to Get Better With Your Hands

In our opinion, coming from first hand experience, repairing electronics in general is the best way to get better with your hands. We’re not saying repair a fridge while it’s still plugged in so that you’re extra careful not to get electrocuted. We’re actually saying that, unlike the 8 things above, appliance and computer repair is a direct service for another person. The things listed above can be considered services if you’re a professional tennis player or sell origami figures, but the Ethiopia Network recommends appliance repair for getting better with your hands because not only is it a service but it’s also a career that can earn you a good living in Canada, and ANYONE can do it! Also, writing with your opposite hand is a great one too!

Stay updated on our upcoming forum.

A Story of What We Do, A Charity (affected by Covid 19)

Presbyterian charity

Thomas from Awassa, Ethiopia, living a tough life as a young man trying to feed his sick mother, caught a hint of the good word from a Presbyterian missionary. He had little funding and support, but his dream was to move his mother to Canada. He had heard great things about Canada, and wanted to get an education and see a doctor for his mother. Then, after we sponsored him, he wanted to take history and religious studies. We offered to fund his dream so that it would come true. He wanted to raise Presbyterian children in Windsor, Ontario, and spend his life enjoying abundance and laughter.


Thomas’s story, luckily, happened in late 2019 and here he is in the City of Windsor enjoying life safe in his home with his mother who is healthy now. We have been sponsoring Thomas. Unlike the many people we support who already live in Canada, Thomas is a giftee of our immigration charity. Many of our successful giftees all have respectful jobs as appliance technicians throughout different cities in Canada. Now, Thomas is all settled and once this corona virus pandemic is over he will be applying for jobs. He has a list of appliance repair companies he will begin to email once his resume is ready, but he has already emailed Appliance Repair Windsor and they are interested in an interview once the global Covid 19 pandemic is over. We hope to get more luck with other businesses in the area as Windsor is a fairly sized city with lots of opportunities in the future. Having a pre-made list of appliance repair companies ready for use in advance will give Thomas the razor’s edge he needs to bust through the door and score an appliance tech job. We have a lot of faith in Thomas!

Update on Our Migration Charity: Thomas’ Development

Enjoying life at home in the mean time, Thomas is learning to write English. Still a young man in his early twenties, he is very patient, humble and grateful to be starting a new life away from his past. In his spare time he is also fulfilling the fruit of his dream buy reading and educating himself on history and religious studies. He knows that one day if he keeps up his positive learning and high work ethic he will be able to pay for his education. Our charity only covers the first year of post secondary on certain occasions. Our application process is by invitation only, and Thomas is proof of how we choose wisely, him and other people we reach out to. Thomas is very responsible, a very good man, and we knew that right away when we saw how badly he wanted his mother to be healthy. Now, she has already seen the doctor she needed. Her illness was quite minor and healed months before the Covid 19 pandemic began, and was a completely unrelated illness.

Now that Covid 19 is affecting Ethiopia, like the video below will explain, our private migration charity will be on pause. We pray for this to end swiftly and can’t wait for things to get back to normal. We’re with everyone on this and will continue to give support to our sponsored immigrants. Our organization is joining the fight but will continue to operate when the coast is clear. The network is strong!

Thank for for checking in on us. Be back soon.

Ethiopian Finds Job at Canadian Appliance Repair Company

This article aims to encourage those in our support network to follow the steps and stay patient. This inspirational story shows what can happen. A dear friend of ours who moved to Canada from Ethiopia in 2017 has been struggling for employment constantly. After getting into contact with our organization he was directed to a list of appliance repair companies in his area and was informed on how to create a proper resume. After applying for jobs for a month he finally landed one. The key in this process is what we preach most. Our friend, while he was applying, was also teaching himself how to repair appliances by watching tutorials online at his local library. He even developed his English by reading some textbooks on domestic appliances. His diligence was rewarded and we recommend our dear friends from Ethiopia to use his story as inspiration. Not everyone who moves here from Ethiopia is in desperate need of a job but we have a solution for those who are, and our solution is following the steps mentioned above.

My God be with you, and until we meet next time.